My name is Ryan Prendergast.
To me there is no greater privilege than 'seeing'.


Album Covers, Book Covers, Product, Logo Design & More.


Oil, Acrylic, Gauche and Watercolour to Digital Paintings.


Illustrations, Architectural & Technical Drawings.

Who I Am

Canadian Actor - Ryan Prendergast

My name is Ryan Ian Prendergast

I have been fixated on transcribing the world around me since I was old enough to hold a pencil, and even when I couldn't, I tried. It took years to be able to perfectly render what ever it was I chose to look upon. But now that the time has come and passed to simply recreate, I am driven to create in my own image and explore imagination.

why me?

Passion, Vision, Results.

I thrive on providing the best solution for the customer and target audience. As much as it is about the Art for me, it is also about seeing my clients satisfied, and proud of the work I have created on their behalf to represent their company.

What's New?